To build a secure, peaceful, prosperous and stable nation through inclusive leadership and governance that will foster        improved livelihoods, sustainable economic and social development, protection of our environment, and reduced

vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change.
Building a United, Progressive and Inclusive society through strong Leadership by:

Ensuring that Fiji’s progress is founded on equality and social justice for all its citizens, underpinned by parliamentary democracy and the rule of law and is based on our collective strength as a multiracial and multicultural nation,
Pursuing genuine dialogue and promoting consensus decision-making in

the formulation of policies amongst all stakeholders.


We, the members of the Social Democratic Liberal Party seeking

the blessings of God, declare:

 We are at the crossroads of history and determined to forge a

strong, united and multicultural Fiji;

 We recognize and respect the rule of law, good governance,

                                                                 transparency and social justice;                                                                      

We believe in the equitable distribution of the fruits of economic

                         development, with special recognition of the plight of the poor and disadvantaged                               

We believe and trust in the generosity of the native Fijian people,

who are the owners of all Native Lands and Qoliqoli in Fiji;                                 

We promise to represent the aspirations of the Party that will

bring about a united, stable vibrant and prosperous Fiji; and                      

We affirm that the strength of Fiji as a nation depends on the

strength of the rich varieties of the traditions, languages and cultures

of its various communities.