The SODELPA Management Board in October 2016 authorised the Party Leader & former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka to begin preparations for the 2018 General Elections. 

It authorised the establishment of various subcommittees to prepare the Party Manifesto, undertake the Candidate Selection Process, Map Party Strategy, Demarcate 'constituency boundaries', draft media and communication strategies.  

The Party Leader chaired all the subcommittees, including the Manifesto Committee.

​A consultation process was undertaken with party members, and a review of the past 12 years since 2006 was carried out in the drafting of the Manifesto.

The Manifesto is now available for download here 

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Below is the Introduction to the Manifesto.


The Social Democratic Liberal Party or movement (SODELPA) is very much concerned about the current state of play and the approach used by the Fiji First government, in managing our beloved country.

There is no doubt that there is much dissatisfaction and fear among our citizens at the lack transparency and accountability in the operations of the government. The current poor state of our affairs is a clear testimony of the reality on the ground.

Despite a favourable international trading environment particularly the substantial reduction in the price of fossil fuel products in the last five years (which has been a major source of the drain of our foreign exchange), our overall performance averaging 2.1% average, is far below our potential  to grow the economy by 5.0% annually.

The current growth rate is not sufficient or has not trickled down to benefit ordinary citizens in the country. It seems that only the selected few have benefited.

As a result, more people are getting poorer due to the high cost of living. The latest publication on Poverty in Fiji which was released by the Bureau of Statistics in May 2012 indicated that 28% of our population is below the poverty line and another 20% is on the margins. The current increase in prices of basic food items makes this group more vulnerable and we can confidently conclude that 40% of our population are facing hardship in meeting their basic needs. This is approximately 315,666 people that are facing hardship.

Despite the substantial injection to improve infrastructure which increased from $300m in 2009 to an annual average of $650m today, the state of infrastructure is getting worse day by day.

Urban migration is another major problem today due to the lack of investment and infrastructure development in our rural areas which have placed a lot of pressure on our urban infrastructure. The increase in informal and squatter settlements is the result of the lack of vision and balancing of rural and urban development.  

A SODELPA government under the leadership of the former Prime Minister  Sitiveni. L. Rabuka is committed to address all these bread and butter issues through dialogue and consultation with all stakeholders through a transparent and accountable mechanism. The Government will work with the private sector and civil society organizations to ensure that we achieve inclusive development, so that no one is left behind.

SODELPA WILL BUILD BRIDGES to ensure genuine dialogue and trust among our communities to ensure inclusive development rather the current practice of segregating people, as we are experiencing today. This is the cornerstone of SODELPA’s governance approach, in accordance with its philosophy of “Leadership that Listens.”


Party Leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) Major-General (Retired) Sitiveni L Rabuka launched the Party's 2018 Campaign & Manifesto on Saturday 20 October 2018 at 12.00pm at the Khatri Hall in Suva.

Major-General (Retd) Rabuka said that the Manifesto contains our dreams and our aspirations.

He said SODELPA was ready, able and willing to form the next Government of Fiji, to continue the legacy of our forefathers who built this nation, to bring peace, prosperity and progress to Fiji. He said SODELPA would continue to do good to all, with malice towards none. 

He promised the restore "Leadership that Listens" to Fiji.