WITH the coming general election date yet to be released, Social Democratic Liberal Party leader Sitiveni Rabuka has declared that the party is ready for the election.

The party recently announced their second batch of provisional candidates, bringing the total to 42 so far.

Mr Rabuka said all processes had been completed by the party in terms of the selection of the proposed candidates and they were now waiting for the issuance of the election writ.

“We have done everything according to our program of applications, interviews, selections, cross-checking with the constituency councils, making sure that the provisional candidates have met the criteria laid for them to satisfy before they are confirmed,” Mr Rabuka said.

“Everything needs to be ready before the writ of election is issued. “And now I can say that everything is ready for us to receive the writ of elections.”

On September 1, 2018, Rabuka announced 42 Provisional Candidates at a fundraising dinner for the Party's 2018 Campaign. 

Under the Constitution, elections must be held no later than November 21, 2018. This is because the 4 year term of Parliament expires on October 6, 2018 (4 years after it first sat on Oct 5, 2014) and the Writ of Election must be issued by the President within 7 days (by 11 Oct 2018) Election Day will then take place 44 days after the issuance of the Writ of Elections. But Pre-polling or early voting begins 2-3 weeks before Election or Voting Day, so voting in Fiji can take place over a 3 week period potentially, under the law. 

However the election date has not yet been announced.

The Prime Minister can advise the President to dissolve Parliament anytime between April 6, 2018 (3 and a half years after the first sitting of Parliament) and October 6, 2018. The people of Fiji therefore have 6 months to wonder when elections will happen. 

Nonetheless, SODELPA has named its candidates, and started awareness work across the nation.

If you want to invite SODELPA to visit your community, contact us today on 3301544 or email 

Get involved in the 2018 elections!

Rabuka urges Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) supporters to get involved in the party’s preparatory efforts towards the 2018 General Elections.

Members can setup branches in their community if there isn't one already, and work with the Candidates for their area in their work raising awareness with voters on getting registered to vote, how to vote and answer their questions about why they have put themselves forward as a Candidate in 2018. 

Members are also encouraged to volunteer as polling agents, to help monitor and audit the voting processes in the coming elections. 

Agents will receive training on election procedures, on recording what happens at their Polling Station, and what happens during the counting of ballot papers. 

If you cannot be a Polling Agent, I encourage you to support the members of your community who step forward as an Agent on Voting Day - whether you live in an area where there is early voting or Pre-Poll, or you will vote on Voting Day, don't just vote and go home - support your agents with refreshments, or help with transport, get them a $2 recharge card - every little effort and assistance is important.